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Book cover designs will always hold a special place in this vibrant literary world. Amid this vibrancy, it is hard for books to stand out because of the remarkable book cover designs that bewitch readers. For this reason, Pacific Ghostwriting hires the most professional designers who instantly captivate the attention of their audience through their intricately designed beautiful covers.

We are a professional ghostwriting company that has gathered deep knowledge and skills in this field through the years of experience spent crafting aesthetic book cover designs. Our book covers contain all the necessary aspects for the accurate delivery of the book’s objective through the design. This is crafted carefully with all the genres and latest trends in mind to put forth a showstopping cover.

Custom Book Cover Design Services: Discover Types And Varieties

When designing book covers it is important to consider the accurate color palette, text, and visual elements that suit your genre and recent trends. Our book covers provide all the essential elements needed to craft a compelling book cover that meets all your needs.

  • Color Palette

We understand the importance of employing an appropriate color palette to attract the eyes of viewers. We pick color hues that complement each other well while fitting with the overall theme and mood of the book. Color schemes play a significant role in deciding the worth of that book while appropriately conveying the message that the author is trying to convey simply through its colors.

  • Text Creativity

Playing with different font styles, sizes and colors is also a type of art that has been mastered by our professional designers. The text and typography alone on the front cover of your book should be able to convey a specific message to readers. For example, many writers want to shape certain elements and symbols through the text on the book cover to instantly give its message.

  • Visual Elements

Different visual elements help in crafting a certain image of your book in the reader’s mind. These elements can also be utilized along with texts to add a unique and imaginative touch to it. Elements and small symbols are also great in adding to the overall vibe of the book. Along with this, some writers also add elements to convey the time period that the story belongs to.

The Array Of Designs Offered By Our Professional Book Cover Designers

Our visually appealing book covers are designed with special care to meet all your needs and wants while accurately conveying your message. Our book cover designers are experts with enough proficiency to deliver unique eye-catching designs for every genre.

  • Abstracts– Abstracts are a new trend that aims to catch readers’ curiosity while evoking their imaginative spark. This design includes abstract puzzles, bold shapes, and colorful hues blended to give off an interpretative image. Abstracts also provide hidden meaning through their creative designs.
  • Collages- From collaging pictures to collaging letters, images, and snippets to crafting a quirky and innovative book cover, their influence changed. Now collages provide a unique charm to readers by mixing both the old and new generation to deliver something eclectic and new.
  • Double Exposure- Double exposure blends two images into one literary masterpiece that is great in catching the eyes of readers. These immersive covers promise a mysterious and bewitching tale through their breathtaking mix of colors, characters, and elements.
  • Illustration- Illustration is another recent trend that is gaining huge popularity in the literary world. Our professional book cover designs display captivating illustrations to evoke various emotions in readers. You can often see various characters, animals, vibrant settings, and aesthetic imagery in this.
  • Retro- The trend of retro elements will always remain in fashion. Bold characters, explosive colors, and show-stopping imagery aim to stop readers in their pursuit. These covers create a fun atmosphere with entertaining and lively designs that promise to put readers in a joyful mood.
  • Typography- Typography aims to deliver simplistic covers with impactful meaning and long-lasting thoughts. In this, we use a simple background and experiment with the font style, size, and format of writing. Using the right writing style is also enough to evoke different emotions in readers
  • 3D Modeling- 3D modeling contains realistic images of characters and scenery to provide another option for illustrative books with vivid imagery. This design allows readers to immerse themselves in the plot and imagine the story as much as they can through clear and striking graphics.
  • Symbols- Symbols are a popular cover design option that is commonly used in many famous books that want to convey the message of their book through a smart symbol or object. These backgrounds contain a one or two-tone canvas with complex elements or objects to emphasize the readers’ attention.
  • Realistic- Realistic book covers include real-life photos of different scenery and nature to pique the interest of readers. These book covers are ideally designed for non-fiction books that give a calm and serene look and feel. This lets readers connect on a personal level with the author.

Why We Are The Best Book Cover Designers For Hire

The professional designers of Pacific Ghostwriting are trained in delivering unparalleled services with high-quality products and success-driven results. We share the same vision with our team members to achieve excellence with our products and solutions. Our cover designing process is extremely detailed and comprehensive which removes any room for miscommunication or misalignment.

All of our ghostwriters at Pacific Ghostwriting aim to provide flawless designs that accurately convey all the objectives and hidden messages of your book to your readers.

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So, what are you waiting for? Partner up with us and bring all your visions to life through alluring and exquisite book covers. These are specially crafted to stand out in the crowd of books with clear and bright luminescence. Hire a book cover designer from Pacific Ghostwriting and make your first book impression eye-catching.

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